Paying Your Dues

Yearly dues are $300.00 per year due on the first of every year. DUES AND FEES ARE NOW PAYABLE AT THIS WEBSITE. Every homeowner who is registered at the website should now be able to set up their payment information on this site and submit payment directly to the HOA account. Please look for the notification icon on the homepage. Clicking on that should direct you to the different payment links where you can set up your payment information. If you have any problems paying through the website, please contact the Board. A small deposit may be required to ensure funds can be drafted from your account.

If you prefer, though, payment can also be made by mailing your check or money order to:

Fountain Crest HOA
1109 Boll Weevil Circle
Suite 8 PMB#143
Enterprise, AL 36330

Please note the Fountain Crest address your payment should be applied to on your payment. 

Please remember ... a late fee of $125.00 will be added to the account of any homeowner who has not paid their 2024 dues by March 31, 2024. Those with outstanding dues may be subject to an assessment lien 12 months from the assessment due date in accordance with Alabama state law.  Our 2021 By-Laws allows the HOA to file any lien for outstanding debt in the month of September of that year.

Thank you